All That Shreds Magazine

"Flood, a beautiful 80’s inspired power ballad being the first single from Amoriello.  Thomas Amoriello’s gothic lyrics are a  tale of a 19th century Massachusetts woman named Jerusha Howe.  He co-wrote the music with Edman who dazzles at the climactic ending.  Troy lays down lush keys that breath while Anur brings power to this untypical metal ballad.  Neil Murray who played bass on one of the biggest power ballads of all time (Here I Go Again) glues and weaves the fabric of a Flood Ravaged Heart. Oh yeah, don’t forget the triple harmonized guitar solo!!!"  - All That Shreds Magazine

"Nightmusic MCX is a seven and a half minute instrumental that was composed by guitarist Amoriello in a heavy metal style.  The anthem-like track features Scottish bassist Phil Soussan, Canadian drummer Shane Gaalaas , and American keyboardist Michael Troy displaying taste and virtuosity from Soussan laying down the fretless courtesy of a WAL Pro II bass and Gaalaas double bass tribal rhythmic onslaught, Troy conjuring spirits while Amoriello powers fifths, slithering from moody slide to elegiac nylon string guitar.   The track is more of an homage to the classic instrumentals of the 50’s and 60’s than a typical neoclassical shred rocker.  Amoriello is a huge fan of classics such as  Rebel Rouser; Green Onions, Rumble, Buckaroo, Misirlou, Walk Don’t Run, Wipe Out, mixed with a touch of Yngwie, Iommi, Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy and Goblin."  - All That Shreds Magazine


"What a nice package, this Amariello CD, very special! Nicely done. On the front I read straight away that on this CD people are involved that played in bands like Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Michael Schenker Group and so on. These are certainly the right references. And who got all these people together? The Italian string acrobat Thomas Amariello. Before me lies the second album of the man, who is said to be the one who should be able to bring this specific genre under the attention of the youngest generation of metalheads." - Lords of Metal 

Ox Fanzine Magazine

"Phew, the cover - guitar sticks out in the moonlight lake with castle in the background - lets assume the worst. But to be honest, what guitarist Thomas Amoriello has recorded with the support of Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE) or Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen), I like, really good.

"Flood", a bombastic Powerballade, is completely eighties. Pure bombast, but somehow nice. The seven-minute instrumental "Nightmusic MCX", which invites to relaxed headphone runs, is really great.

A little ambient feeling, piano and wonderfully atmospheric guitar george. Yes, that has something.

- Guntram Pintgen, Ox Fanzine Magazine


 “Holy Man - Mark Boals,  he singer from the classic Yngwie release, Trilogy - lays down an epic 24-track vocal choir delivered with conviction while Cacophony (Becker/Friedman) live drummer Kenny Stavropoulos brings the power to this up tempo modern neoclassical rocker. Impelliterri bassist James Amelio Pulli and ex-Yngwie keysman Michael Troy provide excellent work on the track." - Bravewords